Sunday, November 7, 2010

Humility in the Age of Arrogance

What makes a person respected?
Not respectable, but respected. Hiding all your basic instincts will get you respectability.
Im sure you can give me hundreds of reasons why a person is respected FOR A CERTAIN QUALITY.
I intend to focus on one such quality - Humility.

Can a person be respected only for humility? How often and how easy it is to take advantage of humility. We can respect that in someone who we cannot touch. But how often can we resist taking advantage of a person who gives us respect which we know, in our heart of hearts, we don't deserve.

How prudent is it to not assert oneself and retaliate out of frustration? I wonder. Is it truly easier to steel your heart against constant blows. All the while hoping that acceptance will follow. To be punched in the face when your expecting a hug is not easy. Every time. Is it not better not strike back once just to give a taste of what to expect when pushed to the limit.

There's no fun in hoping that one day that person or the world will realize what a great soul you are. They may be dead by then and your ego evolved to a place where it does not matter.

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