Monday, August 23, 2010

Day dreaming and Capricorns

Like a lot of women, I'm obsessed with zodiac signs. And naturally with mine.

Now, I've put day dreaming as an occupation of mine in my blogger profile. And curiously pressed on day-dreaming which seemed to be a click-able option. I had a chance to go through quite a few interesting profiles which had day-dreaming either as an activity or occupation. I was rather amused to see that not many were Capricorns actively involved in day dreaming or admitting it on a blog site like this.

I've gone through endless posts and websites about zodiac signs and astrology and ALL of them quote Capricorns as doers and not dreamers. But that's not always true in cases of real people. We are quite diverse in our interests and thinking do not always conform to what's actually written about our zodiacs.

But this little search of mine did get me thinking. Is it true that Capricorns do not day dream as a major part of their thinking, or it's just that I did not find the Cappy's who had not updated/revealed their zodiacs or I'm drawing an erroneous conclusion.

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  1. Zodiac signs! A favourite topic of discussion for all. As far as my knowledge goes capri's do day dream. People who dream are the ones who actually do something and going by that logic they are not just 'dreamers' but 'doers' also.